About Patrick
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Born in Cork in 1970, my first exposure to stone and drawing came at fifteen. Chosen for a job because of my ability to draw, working through observation I became self-taught as a result my skills were born from within. In my early twenties I undertook a BA Degree in Fine Art specializing in sculpture in Crawford Collage, Cork, Ireland


            The origin of stone, its formation, consistency and durability fascinated me, a medium that today is my life’s passion.

            I would see myself as a figurative sculpture, having specialized in this field for a number of years. Running parallel to this is the intuitive abstract work mining the essence of movement, searching for the pivotal moment conveying poetry with three dimensionality in something as solid as stone but with an idea as soft as water. Not the obvious by stating everything else. Being as free as I can stretching, pushing the concept as well as the physical boundaries of what a sculpture should be both structurally and physically

I prominently use Monumental Limestone, Italian marble, Red marble and metal when the concepts take my desire. In monumental limestone the tones in this stone go from blue grey to a highly polished black. At times this contrast may play an integral part in the composition of a piece. In a series of figurative works this ability to create such a contrast within limestone in its natural state has led to a fuller communication of ideas. Allowing for an extension of the vocabulary with a pattern on the surface of the stone, it creates a drawing within a sculptural form.


Each carving has its own unique context. In abstract works I use a variety of materials depending on the concept that can be an influence. The abstract work has an underlying human form based on internal energy and movement, relating to the unceasing nature of ocean waves. The interchangability of water as a medium, it becoming a conduit channelling elemental energy and the endless forms this can take.